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Past Grants

In 2015, a grant was awarded to Prof. Tarek Rakha of the School of Architecture and Prof. Tom Lumpkin of the Whitman School of Management for their project titled “Learning from LEED: Informing Future Home Building Practices through Analysis of LEED-H Market Adoption.” The research consists of a thorough investigation of various LEED certification levels for reesidential buildings across the nation and across scales, with a preliminary meta-analysis followed by granular building-by-building investigation. The goals are twofold: 1) understand superior performance aspects of LEED certified buildings and use data to inform future design / build projects led by Syracuse University and 2) develop a business model for green residential buildings that capitalizes on LEED advantages and challenges.

In 2011, grants were awarded for "Effectiveness of Post-Consumer Food Waste as a Means for Nutrient Recovery and Waste Reduction When Used as Fish Feed in an Aquaponic System," to Doug Daley (SUNY-ESF, environmental resources engineering) and Kimberly Schulz (SUNY-ESF, environmental and forest biology); "Building the Capacity of Urban Food Projects in Syracuse, NY," to Evan Weissman (PhD candidate, Maxwell), Matthew Potteiger (SUNY-ESF, landscape architecture), and Jonnell Allen Robinson (SU, geography); "Effectiveness of LID Technologies for Stormwater Management in CNY," to Carli Flynn (Ph.D. student, LCS), Mallory Squier (PhD student, LCS), Cliff Davidson (SU, civil & environmental engineering), and Ted Endreny (SUNY-ESF, environmental resources engineering).

In 2010, grants were awarded for: "Sustainable Modular Building System," to Don Carr (SU, industrial design) and Paul Crovella (SUNY-ESF, sustainable construction management); "Instrumentation for Demonstration and Exhibit Cases to Promote Sustainability Projects and Products," to Edward Lipson (SU, physics), Craig Watters (Whitman, entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises) and Paul Gelling (SenSyr, LLC); and "Sustainable Struvite Production with Anaerobically Digested Dairy Manure," to Wendong Tao (SUNY-ESF, environmental resources engineering) and Sharon Moran (SUNY-ESF, environmental studies).

In 2008-2009, grants were awarded for "Cow2Sheraton: Sustainable Recycling for Institutional Food Waste Biomass," David Johnson (SUNY-ESF, Environmental Chemistry) and Amanda Nicholson (Whitman School, Retail Management). Also, "LEED-Certified Wood Supply," Rene Germain (SUNY-ESF, Forest & Natural Resources Management) and Pat Penfield (Whitman School, Supply Chain Management) and "Technologies for Sustainable Water: Innovations & Architects" Sharon Moran (SUNY-ESF, Environmental Studies), Brenda Nordenstam (SUNY-ESF, Environmental Studies) and Tim Stenson (SU, Architecture).

  1. This definition is adapted from Bärbel Tress, Gunther Tress & Gary Fry, "Defining Concepts and the Process of Knowledge Production in Integrative Research," chapter 2 in From Landscape research to Landscape Planning: Aspects of Integration, Education and Application, Proceedings of the Frontis Workshop (Wageningen, The Netherlands, June 2004),