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CASSE Projects

King+King Architects

A student team consulted with King+King Architects to produce an internal report to help architects and other team members easily navigate many of the common building energy standards. They also summarized case studies conducted on the energy, environmental, human health and performance and occupant comfort benefits of high performance buildings. These studies were summarized to provide King+King Architects with metrics that can be used to develop a marketing strategy.


Four CASSE students formed a multidisciplinary Sustainability Consulting Group (SCG), working together with HARBEC Inc. during spring of 2017 to deliver a marketing strategy rooted in the sustainable achievements of HARBEC Inc., a company located in Ontario, New York, that sustainably provides prototypes, tooling, machined components and quality injection molded parts. The strategy included ways to identify potential customers, as well as describe what those companies’ mission, vision, values and goals were. It also included a customer survey and other secondary research. Within the plan, the students reviewed the WalMart sustainability initiatives to explore best practices and examples of successful sustainability life cycles.

Harlem Valley Food and Farm Alliance, Harlem Valley, N.Y.

The Harlem Valley Food and Farm Alliance (HVFFA) is in the early stages of gaining a foothold within a growing industry and is hoping to promote its region, which offers a variety of farms and attractions. Additionally, the Taconic Parkway and Metro North Train make this rural area highly accessible for all social classes. A large component of the alliance’s ambitions is to bring a greater connection to food and open spaces. As urbanization continues to impede upon rural areas, it will be essential for small towns such as this to give visitors a reason to want to conserve the land. With these considerations, the student team developed and distributed surveys, conducted interviews, visited the area and reviewed literature. As a result, three methods were suggested to assist the alliance with gaining momentum and becoming an agritourism destination for the Poughkeepsie and New York City areas: encourage sustainability, attract more members and marketing/branding options.

Corning Incorporated, Corning, NY

The team drafted a corporate sustainable purchasing policy integrating environmental and social objectives. Additional recommendations addressing potential implementation barriers and supplier impacts were also provided. The team worked with the Operations Manager for Global Energy Management.

The Durst Organization, Inc., New York City 

The team worked with Durst executives and the building manager to explore and prioritize retrofit options in anticipation of a full mechanical retrofit of one of its commercial properties, a 658,000 ft2 building in Manhattan. Focus areas were identified based on corporate, portfolio, and building sustainability goals and included best practice guidelines, HVAC system improvements, water system improvements, in-use performance metrics and tenant engagement strategies. Projected capital costs, operating expenses, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions were reported.

Aldi, Tully, NY 

As a German-owned chain of private-label grocery products, Aldi is investigating a variety of sustainability programs to implement in their stores. The team created a 5-year solar PV implementation strategy, with recommendations for migrating PV across every Aldi store and distribution center nationwide while considering factors such as state incentives, local energy rates and public acceptance of solar energy.

PepsiCo, Strategic Supply Management Supplier Corporate Social Responsibility Assurance Program, Somers, NY 

Working with a Senior Manager in this program, the team analyzed existing certifications and audit methodologies leveraged globally to support socially responsible agriculture and developed recommendations, taking into account client goals including mitigating supply chain risk and driving best-in-class supplier performance from its suppliers.

Johnson Brothers Lumber, Cazenovia, NY

The team worked with the third generation owner of this family business to assess the sustainability of the company’s supply chain selling premium hardwoods internationally. They assessed various strategies to improve the environmental and social impact of the business’s operations, such as vertical integration and partnerships with government and other private businesses.