Shemin Grant Micro-Fund

The Whitman School of Management offers EBV participants the opportunity to apply and be selected for the Shemin Grant Micro-Fund for New Venture Acceleration. The Shemin Micro-Fund is designed to further new venture creation and business growth among graduates of the Whitman EBV program. The fund provides small grants to recipients that will support activities specifically associated with the early stages of new venture creation (i.e. design, targeted marketing campaigns, legal fees, licensing, etc.).

The Burton Blatt Institute

The Burton Blatt Institute (BBI), located at Syracuse University, is building the premier organization to advance civic, economic, and social participation of persons with disabilities in a global society by creating a collaborative environment-with entrepreneurial innovation and best business practices-to foster public-private dialogue, and create the capacity to transform policy, systems, and people through inclusive education, the workforce, and communities.