The Whitman Advantage

This program is exclusive partnerships with select U.S. Schools, and does not apply to traditional applicants.

Our MBA program offers students the strong theoretical background and practical experience in business necessary to succeed in today's ever-changing global economy. Our Whitman MBA Advantage Program allows select students who have recently graduated from college the opportunity to enhance business and leadership skills prior to entering the workforce.

The Whitman MBA Advantage Program provides exceptionally talented, prospective students the opportunity to take advantage of the total educational experience afforded by full-time study for the MBA degree ahead of your peers. Our MBA, with its unique experiential learning requirement, will position you for both greater and more competitive opportunities and further advancement in your field.

A small group of seats will be reserved for students who apply through the Whitman Advantage MBA Program. These students will be among a community of dedicated MBA students with very diverse industry experience and demographic backgrounds. Whitman Advantage students will not be evaluated in the same way as traditional MBA students. Prior academic performance and demonstrated leadership potential will receive considerable weight in the admissions process. Minimum admissions standards for Whitman MBA Advantage applicants are:

  • GMAT exam: 650 or above/Cumulative GPA of 3.5 and above
  • Strength in qualitative measures of the application (i.e. letters of recommendation, essays, resume)
  • Meaningful business-related experiences with demonstrated level of responsibility
  • Strong leadership, team, and interpersonal skills

Return on Your Investment

Students who are admitted and enroll in the MBA program through the Whitman Advantage Program will be reimbursed for their application fee and GMAT exam costs. Additionally, students meeting the above requirements will be considered for a merit scholarship (amount of scholarship is dependent on overall merits of application).

Preparation for Whitman Advantage

To best prepare you for the Whitman MBA Advantage Program, and a rewarding career in business, we recommend you do the following during your undergraduate studies:

  • Select courses that enhance your analytical, communication, and problem solving skills;
  • Complete business-related internships or jobs that will broaden your experiences;
  • Get involved in activities that match your passions and demonstrate your potential for leadership (such as volunteering, case competitions, and membership in student organizations);
  • Take the GMAT during your junior or senior year. Since the GMAT exam is valid for five years, taking it while still in school ensures the knowledge base that is tested on the GMAT is still fresh in your mind. Students who meet the admission standards and enroll in the MBA program will be reimbursed for their GMAT exam costs; and
  • Arrange an individual visit to the SU campus to learn more about Whitman's graduate programs and interview with the graduate programs office.