Whitman provides different academic options for leading business training and career development. With eight majors to choose from, as well as double majors, minors and dual programs with other Syracuse University schools, students have unique opportunities to develop depth-of-field and complementary business practice to provide immediate value to any organization.


Real Estate
Supply Chain

Multiple Majors 

Whitman’s multiple majors program provides students the opportunity to take two complimentary majors within Whitman to add depth in their major area of interest, often without having to add credits to their program, by completing all of the required courses for each major.

Dual Programs

In cooperation with other schools and colleges within SU, we offer students the opportunity to pursue two programs of study concurrently with the Newhouse School of Public Communications and the School of Information Studies.


Students can also pursue a minor course of study from other schools at Syracuse University to enhance their academic program and depth of field.  With the assistance of academic advisors, students can fit a minor into the undergraduate curriculum without additional course requirements.