Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises

The ability to envision and create new business ventures is a valuable skill whether you plan to be a founder in a startup, an employee in an existing firm or a possible successor in a family business. An entrepreneurial perspective adds value to organizations by identifying fresh opportunities, growing new markets and infusing innovation. Entrepreneurs are transforming the way we live and how we conduct business.

Are you intrigued by the challenges and opportunities of starting a company, working for a start-up, joining a family business or adding an entrepreneurial mindset to a social venture or non-profit? Do you plan to work for a large firm in product or business development where you will need to understand how to strategically maneuver in a rapidly growing global market? If you enjoy innovative thinking, creating and managing, then Whitman’s renowned entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises (EEE) program could be the perfect fit for you. Our EEE undergraduate degree is consistently ranked among the nation’s best. The Princeton Review placed our program as fourth on its list of the “Top 25 Undergraduate Schools for Entrepreneurship Programs for 2014.”

Choices in Courses and Careers
A comprehensive and timely curriculum gives our graduates the knowledge base for success in a variety of business settings. The Whitman EEE major has four distinct tracks:

  • New venture creation
  • Corporate entrepreneurship
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Family business

Real-World Readiness
As a major in EEE, you will have access to resources and outreach programs through the Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship, which is home to the Couri Hatchery, a student-centered, supportive business incubator that helps student business start-ups reach independence through mentorship and professional resources.

Other entrepreneurial resources and practical learning programs offered include the D’Aniello Internship program, an internationally recognized initiative providing unique entrepreneurial opportunities for highly qualified students, and the Panasci Business Plan Competition, open to all students across campus. The Panasci Competition, as well as other programs, such as the Whitman Alumni Club Student CNY Business Start-up Award and the Whitman Entrepreneurial Idea Award, reward winners with cash and in-kind services to support their endeavors.

Clubs and Connections
Whitman’s many clubs, such as the Entrepreneurship Club and the Family Business Club, expand your base of knowledge and introduce you to additional resources through programming, events and networking opportunities.

The Entrepreneurship Club is a dynamic and passionate group that brings students, faculty and local businesses together to spread entrepreneurship around the Syracuse University campus and throughout the Syracuse community. It is dedicated to encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship among Syracuse University students and to supporting the needs of students who are interested in entrepreneurship.

The Family Business Club is committed to preparing students for the unique challenges of working for and running a family business. The goal is to improve the professional development of members through the exchange of ideas, best practices and experiences.

Primed for Placement 
The EEE program’s many opportunities to gain hands-on experience and expert perspectives, combined with comprehensive and timely coursework, will help you build in-depth knowledge and crucial skills for entrepreneurial success. When it comes time to develop your personal career plan, Whitman’s Career Center will help you understand your skill assets and where those qualities fit within different professional paths. The staff will guide you in taking full advantage of the services, programming and resources available to point you in the right career direction.