Marketing Innovation

Innovations related to the customer-facing elements of an enterprise can facilitate product and service success by creating unique differentiation based on innovative marketing approaches. These innovative approaches are memorable to the customer and enhance the customer experience.

Marketing innovations can encompass developing new market research approaches to address knowledge gaps and uncover the unique needs of diverse segments, finding new ways to ensure product availability and affordability, imaginative communication and promotional strategies, brand building innovations, and novel pricing strategies.

Omnichannel and home delivery services represent examples of channel-related innovations while creative publicity generation to break through the clutter typifies innovative approaches to promotion management.

Similarly, pricing by brick-and-mortar retailers to combat showrooming reflects innovative pricing approaches. Given the import of these marketing innovations, the Snyder Center seeks to further insights on marketing innovations.

Many Social media and notification icons floating in the air around a laptop screen.

Research Insight

Want to Accurately Forecast New Product Sales? Use Prerelease Consumer Buzz

Guiyang Xiong, Syracuse University 

Customers at a Retail store looking at smartphones to compare TV prices at online stores.

Research Insight

Want to Prevent Customer Showrooming? Adopt UMRP!

K. Sivakumar, ’92 Ph.D., Lehigh University 

Graph shows U-shaped relationship between number of reviews and their favorability with smiley face icons

Research Insight

Online Word of Mouth – Is More Necessarily Better?

Scott Fay,  Syracuse University 

Executive Perspective

How to Thrive with Agile Digital Transformation During the Pandemic

Hal Lawton, CEO, Tractor Supply Company

Research Insight

Want to Ensure New Product Success? Eschew Traditional Market Research

Jagdish Sheth, Emory University

Research Insight

How can Companies Benefit from Hiding Which Product Customers Will Get?

Scott Fay, Syracuse University  

Social media strategy banner with icons of like and dislike and smart phone, tablet and laptop

Research Insight

Seeking Customer Involvement in Innovation? A Social Strategy Can Help

Gloria Barczak, ’87 Ph.D., Northeastern Univ. 

Physical retail shop and online store in laptop

Research Insight

Considering Internet Channel Entry? Assess Channel Structure and Market Environment

Eunkyu Lee, Syracuse University 

Executive Perspective

How to Create Innovative and Memorable Retail Experiences?

Rick Caruso, CEO, Caruso

Bar chart with blue and red bars, labeled early-stage and advanced-stage concepts.

Research Insight

Why Demonstrate Product Concepts at Tradeshows?

Tridib Mazumdar, Syracuse University 

Executive Perspective

How to Create Experiences and Leverage the Brand

Gary Friedman, CEO, RH

Executive Perspective

How Nordstrom Responds to the Ecommerce Challenge

Pete Nordstrom, President, Nordstrom