Safe Computing

Whitman's managed computing environment is designed to keep faculty and staff safe from virus and malware activity while fostering educational and research computing.  Our managed computing environment helps us provide industry standard security updates from software vendors to users quickly and efficently.

Microsoft utilizes the second Tuesday of each month to release updates for Microsoft Windows, Office and other popular software titles. Whitman Technology Services, will be publishing Microsoft's updates two days after their initial release. In the event a critical 'out-of-band' patch is made available, we will communicate to everyone the nessisary release schedule based upon overall impact to users.

To assist, faculty and staff computers are configured to automatically install the published updates.  Some patches requre restarts; idle computers (where users are not signed in) may restart automatically overnightand or prompt the user a reboot is needed.

Notification of published updates will be emailed on the day of release to all users.

Campus Policy Information

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