Available Software

Whitman has a range of software available to all faculty and staff ranging from general office tools to specialized research software.  The following is a list of generally available software.  Some titles may have specific licensing terms.

All computers:
      • 7zip
      • Adobe Acrobat Pro
      • Adobe Flash
      • Adobe Shockwave
      • Google Chrome
      • Java
      • Microsoft Office
      • Microsoft Silverlight
      • Mozilla Firefox
      • Notepad++
      • Skype
      • Stata
      • StatTransfer
      • Thomson Reuters SDC Platinum
      • VLC
      • WinSCP
License restricted software
      • Adobe Creative Cloud
      • Argus Enterprise
      • directEDGAR ISYS
      • directEDGAR ExtractionEngine
      • Echo360 Personal Capture
      • EndNote
      • JDA Floor Planning
      • Mathematica
      • Matlab
      • Minitab
      • Palisade Decision Tools Suite
      • R Statistics
      • SAP GUI
      • SAS

Software Purchasing

Looking for software not listed? Technology Service has access to many different resources to assist in the purchase of other software from faculty professional funding or administrative office budgets.  Please contact us at so we may assist.

Home Use Licensing

Some software is available for installation on personally owned computers as a component of University licensing and usage of the software on a faculty or staff members office computer. If interested in learning more please email us at

Available Software Includes
      • Microsoft Office
      • IBM SPSS Statistics
      • SAS