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How to Submit an Event


Please follow the instructions below for filling out the event request form:

EVENT NAME: Please enter the full name of your event and do not use acronyms and abbreviations.

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Please enter a clear and concise description of the event that includes the audience for the event, the reason the event is being held, and any other information that clarifies the purpose and intention of the event.

EVENT CATEGORIZATION: Categorizing your event is very important, particularly for the appropriate placement of your event on the website. Please select the category(ies) that is/are appropriate for the event. You can also select “Select Multiple,” which will bring up a pop-up box that allows you to select multiple categories. Please do not select “All” under any circumstance; only select the category(ies) that are associated with the event.

Please take note of the “Communications” category options that allow you to select your event for marketing on the Welcom to Whitman signage in the Whitman building.

Calendar Categories

UPLOAD IMAGE: Your event will attract more attention with an image. If you have an image for your event, click "Browse," select your photo, and click "Open." Images cannot exceed 80K.

IMAGE ALT TEXT: Enter a short description (10 words max) of the photograph.

SUBMITTER INFORMATION: Please fill out all fields in this area, including your e-mail and phone number, so that you may be contacted for more information if necessary.

SCHEDULE INFORMATION: If you know the date and time of your event, and they are not dependent on the availability of facilities, click "I know the date/time of my event."

Next, enter the date and time (start and end) of your event. PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT pad these times with set up and break down time. You will have an opportunity to add set up and break down time in a moment. When finished, click “Choose Schedule.” Then select whether your event is one-time only, repeats regularly, or repeats in a custom pattern.

If you do not yet know the date/time of your event because you need to know what facilities are available first, click "Not sure, but I'm flexible."

ROOM INFORMATION: You have three options when searching for room availability. You can search for rooms by name or number, you can click on "View room availability,” or you can look for rooms manually by clicking on the small (+) next to "Syracuse University," then clicking the small (+) next to “Whitman School of Management.” Once you find the room(s) you want, click on the small box next to the one(s) you wish to reserve. Then click “Look Up Availability” in the lower right corner.

Calendar Room Information

Below the room selection box, you will see an area to enter setup and breakdown times. Please enter the amount of time in hours and minutes you think you’ll need to setup and breakdown your event.

Setup and Tear Down Times

When you are finished, click “Confirm Room Selection” in the lower right corner.

OTHER INFORMATION: This box, subtitled “Admission information,” is where you can put admission fees, parking, and other instructions that people should know about the event.

INTERNAL ONLY INFORMATION: Please enter any private notes about this event for the calendar administrator(s) into this field. The information entered here will NOT be visible on the calendar.

WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED: Click “Submit Request” in the lower right corner. You will receive an e-mail verification that your event has been submitted.

WITHDRAWING YOUR EVENT FROM THE CALENDAR: When you submit an event request, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Keep this e-mail. It contains a link you will need if you need to withdraw your request for any reason.

If you are a Whitman Student and would like to book a room in Whitman, CLICK HERE

To enter an event into the Whitman online calendar that will be marketed and on the public calendar, CLICK HERE

To book a room for a meeting or enter a facility only request that will not be marketed, CLICK HERE