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    Research Examines Why People Personalize their Workspaces

    Research by Kris Byron, PhD, department chair and associate professor of management at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, examines why people personalize their workspace and what the consequences may be. Her paper, titled “Diplomas, Photos & Tchotchkes as Symbolic Self-Representations: Understanding Employees’ Individual Use of Symbols,” is in press to be published in the Academy of Management Journal. Co-author is Gregory Lawrence (University of Michigan, Flint).
    “Most employees personalize their workspaces with photos, memorabilia and other objects, even when rules prohibit it,” said Dr. Byron. “Through an analysis of interviews, workspace inventories and observations, we discover that these objects are symbols of who employees are and who they want to be.”
    “Our workspaces – and how we personalize them – convey meaningful information,” said Dr. Byron. “Workspace personalization communicates our personality, interests, groups to which we belong, and roles we play at work and outside of work.”
    She added that workplace personalization contributes to relationship development at work by serving as “conversation starters” or illustrating work roles.
    “Workspace personalization that is too different or meant only for personal consumption can be harmful, though,” cautioned Dr. Byron. “It can upset relationships by creating psychological distance, and it can harm self-regulation by distracting or contributing to negative emotion at work.”
    Despite the risks, Dr. Byron concludes that companies should not put excessive limits on employees’ personalization of their workspaces, as long as employees make good choices.
    What does your workspace look like? What does it say about you? Join the conversation on Twitter and upload a picture of your work environment, using the hashtag #myworkspace.
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    Gartner Ranks Whitman Undergraduate and Graduate Supply Chain Management Programs Among Best in Nation

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    Whitman Announces New Online MSA - Accounting@Syracuse

    Accounting@Syracuse is Whitman’s Master of Science in Professional Accounting program delivered online. In addition to training for traditional accounting roles, such as the CPA, Accounting@Syracuse graduates also will gain the skills required for roles such as financial analyst, corporate treasurer, controller, auditor or financial consultant.

    The program offers three sequences of study based on a student’s prior undergraduate experience.

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    Whitman Launches Innovative Program to 'Professionally Prepare' Undergrads

    Whitman’s Goodman IMPRESS program gaining attention from leading mediums like Bloomberg Businessweek  and Fortune for its innovative approach to solving the gap in professional preparedness of undergraduates as they enter the work force.

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    Syracuse University New MBA for Veterans featured in Poets and Quants

    Whitman Professor of Entrepreneurial Practice John Torrens and Assistant Professor of Management Will Geoghegan, and Institute for Veterans and Military Families Director of Program Services Mirza Tihic were quoted in an article about the new MBA for Veterans program in Poets and Quants.

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    MBA/MS World Tour

    The Whitman Graduate Programs Office is traveling the world to meet with prospective students this summer and fall. From the United States to South America to India and Asia, meet with our recruiting team to learn more about Whitman, our fulltime and distance learning MBA programs or our various Masters programs in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Supply Chain Management.

    Click here to visit our interactive map to get details on our events, locations and upcoming recruiting tour.

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    How Do We Rank?

    The Martin J. Whitman School of Management is highly ranked by key publications both domestically and internationally across our undergraduate, graduate, specialty and military programs. Get a quick snapshot of where each program is positioned, by which publications, by viewing our rankings infographic. And, learn more about our various programs and departments by clicking through to get more in-depth detail:

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    Department of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises

    Military and Veteran Programs